Saturday, August 14, 2021

Dotnet Reverse Engineering Advance Edition

*Complete Practical Course Of Dotnet Reverse Engineering Advance Edition 2021.*

Course Topics:

Introduction To Dotnet Reverse Engineering

Setup Lab For Reverse Engineering

Required Tools For Reverse Engineering

Best Technique Of Reverse Engineeirng

Decrypt Program Passwords In Runtime

How To Crack Pcode Programs

How To Bypass Native Visual Basic Functions

Principles Of .Net Analysis & Cracking

How To Analysis Dotnet Malware & Spyware

How To Bypass Serial Key Check Mobihok RAT

How To Patch Spynote 7.4 Android RAT

How To Crack Spymax 4.0 With Redirection Technique

How To Fully Crack MobiSpy RAT

How To Crack Anubis Botnet 2.5 Builder

How To Crack Hardware ID Protected EXE APK Encryptor

How To Dump Bypass Hardware ID Programs From Memory

How To Crack Latest Email Extractor Studio

How To Make Keygen For Programs Using Algorithm

How To Complete Modify Any Program

Best Method To Protect Programs Against RE

Bonus Pdfs And Tools For Dotnet Reverse Engineering

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