Sunday, December 27, 2020

Social Engineering Course From Scratch 2021

What Is Social Engineering

Social Engineering Course From Scratch 2021

Social engineering is that the psychological manipulation of individuals into performing actions or divulging tip. This differs from social engineering within the social sciences, which doesn't concern the divulging of tip .


  • Welcome to my comprehensive course on Social Engineering! during this course, you'll start as a beginner with no previous knowledge about penetration testing or hacking, we'll start with the fundamentals of social engineering, and by end of it you’ll be at a complicated level having the ability to hack into all major operating systems (windows, OS X and Linux), generate differing types of trojans and deliver them using smart social engineering techniques.
  • This course is concentrated on the sensible side of penetration testing without neglecting the idea . Before jumping into penetration testing, you'll first find out how to line up a lab and install needed software to practice penetration testing safely on your own machine, then the course is split into the four main sections:
  • 1. operation – This section will teach you ways to collect information about your targetweather it's a corporation , website or simply an individual . you'll find out how to get anything that's related to your target like websites, links, companies, people, emails, phone numbers, friends, social networks accounts …etc, you'll also find out how to graph all of this information and use it to create a sensible attack strategy.
  • 2. Generating Evil Files – during this section you'll find out how to get evil files (files that do tasks you would like on the target computer), this includes backdoors, keyloggers, credential harvester and more, you'll find out how to get these files for Windows, OS X and Linux, not only that but you’ll also find out how to reinforce these files to form them bypass all anti-virus programs, and make them look and functionjust like all other file like a picture or a pdf, you’ll also find out how to embed these files in legitimate Microsoft Office documents.
  • 3. Deliver Methods – during this section you'll learn variety of social engineering methods to deliver trojans to the target, you'll find out how to make fake websites that look just like websites the target trusts, send emails that appear as if they’re coming from people the target trusts and use fake login pages and faux updates to hack into the target system, not only that but you’ll also learn advanced social engineering techniques that might lure the target into visiting an evil URL and hack into the target system without even interacting with them.
  • 4. Post Exploitation – during this section you'll find out how to interact with the systems you compromised thus far . You’ll find out how to access the filing system (read/write/upload/execute), maintain your access, escalate your privileges, spy on the target, use the target computer as a pivot to hack other computer systems and more!
  • Finally at the top of the course you'll find out how to guard yourself and your systems from these attacks.
  • All the attacks during this course are practical attacks that employment against real computers, in each technique you'll understand the idea behind it and the way it works, then you’ll find out how to use that technique during a real world scenario, so by the top of the course you’ll be ready to modify these techniques or combinethem to return up with more powerful attacks and adopt them to different scenarios and different operating systems.

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