Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How To Stay Completely Anonymous While Using Internet

We all know there’s no way to hide an identity"- So, this post will help you guys to stay anonymous.
1.  Anonymous OS (operating system) :
@Tails and @ZeusGuard is a kind of live OS and designed to be booted from a removable media for each session, in my opinion, Tails is the best OS for being anonymous. And if you can use Tails and tor together then the chance of getting caught by anyone is even less.
2.  Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) Or a device built for such purposes:

When you have an anonymous OS after that you need to connect to the internet using an anonymous method. You can use VPNs for that. You can use @Nord VPN, its good.
But if you come in the hardware side of this then I have something for you guys, So these devices explicitly designed to protect your privacy, @ANONABOX, and @PROXYGANBIT. Anonabox can use tor to anonymize VPN services. And Proxy Gambit is one of its own kind which is built by Samy Karmakar (
3. TOR

I think you guys have an idea about TOR browser and its working. So, I am leaving this point alone. And if you do not have any idea, then explore. Or stop calling yourself a security guy. Lol.

4.  Stop using unnecessary Browser Plug-ins

Many of today's browser plug-ins, particularly the most popular ones reveal your identity and location. Don't use them if you want to preserve your anonymity. But there is one exception in this you can use #PRIVACY BADGER, this plugin offered by Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF). Available for Chrome and Firefox Both.

5.  Share files anonymously

Use OnionShare to share your files over the internet to maintain anonymity.

6.  Use DUCKDUCKGO. Use search engines which do not track you like @duckduckgo, this one helps a lot.

7.  Turn Off your location on your mobile and laptop devices.

8.  Block JavaScript Use NoScript extension for @Firefox. ScriptSafe for @Chrome.

9.  Private Webmail
When we use services like Gmail, outlook they can be snooped upon. Which they do. Protect them with encryption. Use ProtoMail to send and receive email

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