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Download Learn Hacking using Raspberry Pi From Scratch Udemy Course For Free

Download Learn Hacking using Raspberry Pi From Scratch

You Will Learn and improve your hacking skills with using Your Portable Raspberry Pi Device.

This direction, you're going to begin as a amateur with none preceding information about the hacking, this time we will use the Raspberry Pi instead of our PC/Laptop for hacking, we are able to begin from putting in the Raspberry Pi finishing with the usage of it carry our various assaults like Wi-Fi, Windows, Linux, Mac OS hacking.

This course is meant for novices and professionals, in case you are a novice you may begin from zero until you come to be an professional level, and if you are a professional so this route will increase your understanding about the hacking.

In this course, you will learn the way the Black Hat Hackers use the Raspberry Pi to enforce remotely advanced hacking techniques to Crack WEP/WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption key and to Compromise Windows, Linux and Mac OSX working structures through setting up the Raspberry Pi 3 as a server and Raspberry Pi zero as the hacking hardware.

The route is split to eleven sections:

Configure Raspberry Pi: In this segment, you'll study what Raspberry Pi is and what it's miles used for, and also the segment specializes in configuring the Raspberry Pi to run Kali Linux properly, and additionally it discovers fixing for the issues that you can face all through putting in the Raspberry Pi , you may additionally discover ways to setup an LCD show for your Raspberry Pi 3.

Connecting to Raspberry Pi: After studying how to configure and address the Raspberry Pi 3, in this section you may examine a couple of ways to connect with your Raspberry Pi the usage of your PC/Laptop, Android and iPhone smartphones wirelessly or using USB cable to connect to Raspberry Pi GUI (Graphical User Interface) via VNC server and to its CLI (Command Line Interface) thru SSH.

Network Basics: This phase explains the primary concepts of the networks that you have to recognize earlier than you get into Wi-Fi hacking it's going to intricate you the distinction among Managed & Monitor modes in Wi-Fi playing cards and also it will explain what the Mac Address is and the way to spoof it.

Pre-Connection Attacks: This segment teaches you the assaults that you could carry out towards any Wi-Fi get entry to factor while not having to be associated with it, those assaults are very vital to understand and research as it's the important thing of the subsequent Wi-Fi cracking segment.

Cracking WEP Wi-Fi Key the usage of Raspberry Pi: This phase makes a speciality of explaining what WEP encryption is and special techniques sorts to crack WEP Wi-Fi key, this phase makes a speciality of the realistic aspect without neglecting the concept at the back of each assault.

Hacking Wi-Fi Access point with the aid of Cracking the Password: This is the primary phase of Hacking WPA/WPA2 Key series in which it is going to recognition on cracking WPA2 Wi-Fi key the usage of dictionary assault, it'll show you a way to put into effect the assault the usage of your Raspberry Pi, your computer CPU and additionally cracking the key a lot faster the use of your laptop GPU.

Hacking any Wi-Fi get entry to factor the usage of Raspberry Pi (Without Wordlist): This segment shows you the remaining choice or the final assault that you may use to thieve WPA2 Wi-Fi key without the use of a wordlist, this executed by the usage of Evil Twin attack with a view to jam and clone the target get entry to factor and broadcast it to pressure the target to connect to it and kind the important thing.

Setup Raspberry Pi 3 to Hack Windows, Linux, Mac OSX: This phase discovers setting up the Raspberry Pi three to work as a server to pay attention for a opposite connection from the target OS and it also explains the way to create a stager or payload for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX so that it will give us access to the target OS and ultimately it shows you a way to get a reverse connection over WAN.

Hacking Windows/Linux simply by means of plugging Raspberry Pi Zero: This segment will take you step in addition with the aid of teaching you the way to use Raspberry Pi Zero w to advantage get right of entry to to any Windows or Linux operating system just through plugging it to the focused laptop and it also explains stealing and crack locked Windows login credentials just by way of plugging it to the target computer.

Post Exploitation (Windows, Linux): After studying the way to benefit get entry to to any Windows and Linux OS, this segment will preserve with you by using explaining the attacks that can be launched on the target machine like preserving your get admission to for later use or escalating your privileges to an administrator or root, or to run some modules to be able to come up with extra sensitive statistics approximately the compromised system.

Bonus Section: This segment incorporates all the extra lectures that i will delivered to this course and ninety five% discounts on all my Ethical Hacking Courses to improve your hacking abilities.

The Recommended Wi-Fi Chipsets:

RTL8812AU (supports 5/2.4Ghz)
Atheros AR9271 (supports 2.4Ghz)

Notice: This path is handiest for the educational purposes and all the assaults which have been carried out are in my own Penetration checking out lab and against my personal gadgets.

Those Attacks work in opposition to any Windows OS whether it’s Windows 10/eight.1/eight/7/Vista and so on.
 You should exercise what you've got discovered to turn out to be a complicated stage, because this route specializes in each realistic and theoretical aspect. 
This direction goes to be continually up to date.
If you have any query or any hassle send me a message and I’ll be happy to response.
After finishing this route, you will get a certificate at once from Udemy.
All the folks that enrolled on this path will get discounts for destiny courses.
All the Rights are Reserved to Saad Sarraj no other Organization is worried.
Who this course is for,
Anyone desires to turn out to be an Ethical Hacker/Penetration tester
Anyone who desires to Learn the use of Raspberry Pi for Penetration Testing
Anyone Who wants to Test the Security of a Wi-Fi Networks
Anyone who wants to Learn how Black Hat Hackers hack the Operating Systems.

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